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« Every journey begins with a single step ... »
7th day of the month of the Dragon year 0 of the advent of the Celestial Order. Monkey Time ( 6:43:12 p.m. ) .
Place of issue: 26 sub dial dial 47; 46-17 sector
Guntai : 017

Industry analysis rate : 46 %.
Air Analysis: Beta in air: 0.8 Bq / m3; Cesium 134 and 137: 12 mBq / m3
Soil analysis : Cesium 134 and 137 : 2500 Bq / m² - Pics 30,000 Bq / m²
Water Analysis : Cesium 134 and 137 : 2200 Bq / L
Analysis of flora : Cesium 134 and 137: 850 Bq / Kg
Analysis of wildlife : Cesium 134 and 137: 83 Bq / Kg .
Humanoid presence : CONFIRMED .

- Instructions awaited -

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Transmission start [...]

« If you are looking for the source of the river, you will find it in the drops of water on the foam. do you even lift
7th day of the month of the Dragon year 0 of the advent of the Celestial Order. Monkey Time ( 6:56:43 p.m. ) .
Place of issue: Shinden arata

-Submit REPORT ALL 8H .

Transmission ceased [...]
As out of a silent trance, the Grey Daimyo slowly raised his head and turned her toward the two optical drones who stood facing him. For several seconds nothing happened , the steel trio not sketching the far post. Finally, obeying a silent order , Green and Black Kunoichi Mamushi turned and set off , leaving their single controller.

The Daimyo watched them for a moment and gone the way of the mountain. New protocols had been programmed , the will of the Heavenly Order is made ​​.

Lying on his bed , Ivan was not asleep. Sweat soaked, eyes made ​​vague by a sleepless night, he stared feverishly dump the ceiling. Still wandering in flirting with drowsiness discomfort, he waited.

It had been hours since he patiently and , dripping and thoughtful. He was worried . The dry season was just beginning and already the solar star struck peeled mountains of its burning rays . The day , the air was almost unbreathable , burning , biting , choking ; authorizing the slightest physical exertion at the price of dizziness and nausea . At night the temperature dropped away. In any case , not enough to cool off , let alone give you any rest. He was exhausted .

Yet in a few hours , it would go. Braving the morning heat , cover several kilometers and return to the village before the sun is high in the sky . The same ritual for a moon. The same routine and yet so vital Quest: fetching water.
The ancients had established the village in the heart of a giant carcass lying at the foot of the mountain. They had built inside the belly of steel monster , the first huts which would , later, the heart of the hamlet. The installation did not take more than a few months and, once completed, they named their new home with a strange term entered in letters of blood on the ancient cabin : Antonov .

Although providential , this shelter was only one reason that led their ancestors settled here . The real reason was actually hidden behind the huge metal tubing. There, hidden somewhere in the side of the mountain , was a source, a source of drinking water . A real treasure.
With these favorable terms , the village had grown and prospered . A generation had driven another , then another, and so on. The source continued to flow and in its flood , flooded this little mountains peeled of a life become so rare. Yet , although still brave , she was no longer sufficient to meet the needs of men and beasts and people had to adapt . So they sought new water points and luckily found two other smaller but sufficient.

Tradition has it that women who have made ​​these discoveries and since then it is for them to go and fetch water . A sort of sacred mission that was their reserved . Yet all this had changed since a moon around since the day the Volkova sisters , Lena and Yulia , had discovered strange and disturbing traces similar to those of a giant snake.
And so Ivan was entrusted with the heavy responsibility of escort carriers of water .

To tell the truth , it was voluntary. "A man in love with a woman is sometimes willing to many follies to be closer to the one his heart covets ," had thrown an old on the eve of his first start . At the time, dressed in his armor chitin , armed with his spear and draped his pride , he shrugged and ignored the mockery. But the old man was only too right .
After a week, Ivan had abandoned his armor, too heavy, too bulky , too suffocating . After two , he had given up his pride after women have had him back after a loss of consciousness. After a month, he had only his spear and courage gave him the proximity of the beautiful Yulia . And this morning , it was she who gave him the strength to get up.
The first rays of the sun just behind the pointed peaks when the small group set off . The water carriers were three in number . The young and bubbly Alexa led the way , followed by Lena , the eldest of the sisters Volkova . Finally, ensuring the rear, you could find Yulia accompanied by Ivan .
Every morning , the young women were in good spirits , joking , chatting , telling each learned yesterday anecdotes. Ivan meanwhile did not have the heart to that desperately remained silent , responding only by grunts and nods . He could not bear the heat and dreading the heat back.

After one hour, the little band finally came to the first source . It was actually a small bowl , beneath a rocky overhang and filled daily by a meager trickle. True to its mission , Ivan was the first to come forward. Firmly holding his spear , he approached cautiously , watching for the slightest danger. Sweeping the place look, he noticed the traces of some small animals . Nothing alarming . Reassured, he beckoned to young women who came forward in turn . Kneeling carefully around the source , they set out to fill their containers .
This was the moment that Ivan feared most . The one where they were most vulnerable when his three protected turned their backs on danger and that everything rested on his shoulders. On the shoulders of a man exhausted and on the verge of fainting ... Suddenly, Ivan felt a pressure on his shoulder and jumped. The space of a moment , his breath was cut off and it seemed to him that his heart had stopped beating. He whirled around . Yulia greeted with a smile , "We can go there. " He had to get its act together .
The sun was now high in the sky and the temperature increased. The conversations were silent and everyone was saving his strength. Step by step , minute by minute, they were approaching their final stage . Insidiously , the discomfort grows. Ivan now led the way , it was stressed. In a lean period , they would join where the sisters had seen the traces for the first time , and where he himself had observed them. Although they have never met the creature that was originally they feared every four the possibility of such a meeting. Ivan wondered if it would live up if it can fulfill its task to the end.
Arrived within two hundred yards , they made a halt. Without a word, Ivan broke away from the rest of the group and it is with in fear that he began to reach the water source. His trembling legs carried him to a first rocky mound against which he leaned . Taking a deep breath , he tried to calm the turmoil that shook her body. In vain. Won the panic . Slowly, he slid along the stone and curled in on itself , as if to disappear. Acting as a powerful poison , terror paralyzed his body and poisoned his mind. At this time , it took him all the force of his will not to run away screaming. Powerful in its ultimate reserves , he found the strength to leave.

It was only a few yards when he ventured to risk a glance beyond the cover that ensured him the rocks. All his senses alert, he was ready . The seconds égrainèrent but nothing happened . Heaving a sigh of relief , he broke the silence and called his comrades. It was better not hang around.
Once the jars were full , the little group left . Despite the exhausting heat and transport load, was not now faster and more assured . The four companions had indeed a haste regain soothing and protective shadow of Antonov .

Lena was the first to break the silence and everyone relaxed a bit. Ivan even ventured to joke. Without much success, but the heart was there. After half an hour , they paused to drink and rest. Yulia came to sit beside her protector and they discussed a few moments. They exchanged small talk with no real interest yet devoured every word. This is Alexa who sounded the recall and they resumed their journey .

They were only a league when the saw . Columns of black smoke , like obscure pythons vaporous, darkened the sky. The village was on fire. Ivan ordered the water carriers to hide and , forgetting all fatigue , ran to the aid of his home.